It helps if you have a clear idea of the bag you want to end up with...together we find the best way to meet your needs.

1. What weapons need to be carried?  I'll need a list. If they are standard aikido weapons, the only measurement needed is length of longest weapon (jo or bo). For other arts, I really do need the length and either the maximum diameter or circumference of each weapon.

2. What fabric would you like for the bag?  I always have black cotton canvas, navy cotton canvas, and black cotton twill - all very sturdy and prelaundered. Other cotton twills are sometimes available.

3. Do you want a print to decorate your bag?  Please double check availability. Often there is just enough on hand for one weapons bag. If you don't see a print you like, it is worth letting me know what interests you. I can scout my vendors' websites and send you links to fabrics you might like. No extra charge, but waiting for special order fabric may delay your order.

4. Do you need a bag longer or wider than usual?  A couple of inches in either direction won't change the pricing.

5. Are there other features you'd like?  Tanto sleeve on the outside, zippered pouch on the inside, or something not mentioned on the website?

6.  Are you on a deadline?  Orders typically run about three to four weeks out but there might be wiggle room.