Fire in Mendocino County

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While my home/studio are several miles south of the fire that devastated Redwood Valley and some of Potter Valley, the entire community will feel the impact of this disaster for years to come.

If you are moved to provide some support to our rural area, may I recommend the Disaster Fund of the Community Foundation? They are a reliable institution and spend wisely but liberally when needed. Keep it Local! Thank you.

Psssst! New "secret" decorative prints!

I ordered these from my vendor - Japanese imports, vivid colors printed on textured 100% cotton - and there is only ONE of each one. There will be a surcharge as they cost a bit more than the standard quilting cottons I usually use.

I'm in the middle of a big project, interrupting it as needed for individual custom bags, so you won't see these three beautiful prints on the animal print pages for a while...if one of them strikes your fancy, drop me a line!

Swatch Japanese Koi Swirls.jpg
Swatch Rabbit in the Moon.jpg
Swatch Japanese Rabbits Flowers.jpg

Quality Assurance on both ends!

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I posted a photo of my sewing studio Quality Assurance Inspector, Rufus, on my Facebook page.

It noted that a free CAT scan is provided with every Zanshin Art custom bag.

When the customer received her bag she sent along a phot.

Apparently, it had also passed QA on the other end from Mister Buddy!

Susan Dalton with her bag.JPG

An Extra Special Bag

I have a dear friend, a dojocho who is a bodacious budobabe, and a generous soul who has over the years commissioned about 6 or 8 custom bags for her to present to visiting Sensei and others.
Finally she has decided it's time for her own weapons bag. This decorative print is something that has unique significance to her.
So while I craft all my bags with care, and genuinely appreciate each and every whole heart is going into this simple construct of cloth and thread. Domo arigato, my friend.

Day of the Dead print

One of the bags I'm making up for Mugendo Budogu features this incredibly vivid Day of the Dead themed print on black canvas. I have a few similar prints, including one more piece of the awesome "dead samurai." 

17 BK 013 Day of Dead.jpg

Zanshin Art Fine Arts

I didn't learn to sew until I was in my 20s. But I have been drawing and painting since I could grasp a pencil in my hand.

It's been a while since there was a dedicated website for my fine arts, and DIY web design has gotten a lot easier since then thanks to services like squarespace.

So here is the link to my new website home of Zanshin Art Fine Arts.

Velocity 2 - Acrylic on Canvas - 8" x 10" - Janet Rosen copyright 2017

Velocity 2 - Acrylic on Canvas - 8" x 10" - Janet Rosen copyright 2017

Extra Wide Jodo Bags

As a contrast to the delightful challenge of custom orders, it's fun sometimes to just plunge into binge-making these bags for consignment to my good friends at Mugendo Budogu
They are extra wide to meet the needs of koryu/jodo practitioners; other than that, I get to pick from the coolest, newest prints I have on hand to decorate them, and off they go into the world!
Just getting started on a batch of about a dozen bags...if you're looking for a custom bag, shoot me a query as I can always put this project aside for you!

Another 5 Bokken Bag!

I love it when a martial artist sees somebody using a Zanshin Art custom bag and says "HEY!!! I would like one too!!!"

So I'm building another bag to carry five bukuto, and this time my customer asked about a wider carry strap.

SURE! Instead of standard 1" webbing, a carry strap can be made out of four layers of the same canvas as the bag. Up to 2.5" wide it only adds $12 to the price.

And Six More = 14 New Prints!

Here's an assortment of six more of the beautiful decorative prints I recently bought. Any one of them would be outstanding on a navy or black canvas bag. Some are in very limited quantities, so make sure to inquire...

Four Botanicals!

You've seen the amazing Mt. Fuji prints. Here are a few brand new botanical decorative prints available to rock out your new bag.

14 New Decorative Prints!!!!

My vendors opened the new year with some amazing prints - I've never bought so many at one time!
I'm rolling out a few at a time, theme-based. Here are FOUR, count 'em, FOUR prints featuring Mt. Fuji. A few are extra wide so ideal for decorating jodo bags or other weapons-based arts.

5 Bokken Bag

An extra wide bag needs some design features to meet the demand. I add a couple of pleats at the botton of one side of the bag to allow for a little more volume, and double stitch in lengthwise channels to keep some the weapons in separate compartments. 

Pair of Dojo Bags

Custom bags make great gifts. A friend of mine has ordered these bags to give as gifts for his dojomates, and it is wonderful to craft something you know is being given in celebration or appreciation.

I've ordered a few new prints for the New Year and will get those posted before the end of the month, so come back!

Happy Holidays to All

I want to thank all those who have supported me and other small scale artisans during this year and years past. 

This lovely print is the first of the prints on navy bags I'm building to consign to Mugendo Budogu. Taking a break from that project to work on three custom bag orders. 

Six new bags for Mugendo Budogu

My dear friends sold 13 bags for me this year, so I'm preparing a shipment to go out to them of a dozen bags on consignment to start them off for 2017. These bags have all the features of my standard bags but are cut a bit wider to meet the needs of jodo practitioners.

These six bags feature different prints each on black canvas. I'll be setting up to do a batch of navy canvas bags next, each with a different print.

Back in the Studio, Ready for Holiday Orders

My day job was keeping me out of "my happy place" - the sewing studio.

I'm delighted to announce I have retired and am back in the studio and ready to make a special bag for you to present as a gift.

Consider how a bag set off with the sparkle of the golden-outlined ginkgo leaves or an unusual landscape or botanical print will bring a smile to the budoka in your life. If you are purchasing a tanto as a gift, I can even do a custom presentation bag!

Bags for Mugendo Budogu

I have been making special extra-wide bags for Jodo folks, consigning them to my friends at Mugendo Budogu. They import high quality martial arts uniforms, weapons, books, dvds, etc from Japan and are an honest and reliable small home-based business.

Triple Orders!

Components assembled!

Components assembled!

Another repeat customer! Two years ago a gentleman serving overseas had me make up a custom weapons bag that required a new design concept to incorporate both a large format decorative image and a pleated drawstring pouch.

Today I've just finished up TWO more bags for him, using the same design. It's taken quite a bit of studio time to get this specialized measuring, cutting, and stitching done, but it was a real pleasure to do precision work with such lovely fabric and know they will be loved and well-used.

Side one of third bag.

Side one of third bag.

Side two of third bag: pleated pouch.

Side two of third bag: pleated pouch.

Tanto Gift Presentation Bag

You know you're doing something right when a customer comes back a third time for a multiple bag order! Got some good studio time in after work and finished the first of three bags: a presentation bag for a tanto gift.
Nice tanto are often given as special gifts, and a custom bag with fabric you select is the perfect (and quite affordable) finishing touch. Pricing is $26 - $30 depending on your choice of fabrics.